2D Matrix

Overview of Matrices

Matrices are usually formatted in the form of arrays within arrays(2d arrays) when looking at it from a non-visual point of view and can be displayed as such. 2d arrays are not always matrices, but 2d matrices are always going to be a 2d array.

These structures are unique, to say the least, and can be pretty tricky to solve if you aren’t as familiar with them as you are with other structures. But don’t worry! Matrices are one of the easiest structures to visualize because they are generally formatted in the shape of a square in our algorithms and…


What is Docker?

Docker is a DevOps tool that allows people of all computer backgrounds(Mac, Windows, Linux, etc…) to collaborate on the same project without any environmental errors. It is fast and easy to implement. Once the environment is set up, then all it takes to be in the same environment is to run a simple line of code that the author creates.

How to start

The first goal that needs to be accomplished when first getting into docker is to obtain a personal domain from several different websites(I used Namecheap).

My first love was not a lover, but rather the beauty in which I discovered when I was younger. This love has yet to fade away: the peace and serenity I’ve been shown from the rays of light that is cast down. The almighty sun has given me such an extraordinary privilege of being able to witness the magnificent trees, creeks, mountains, and waterfalls.

I sit back and admire the things that are around me. I notice that the grass may be slightly greener, and the sun’s rays are hitting the sky a little bit brighter today. I sit underneath…

Django and Flask are both great platforms for creating awesome projects, but they have a lot of different functionality.



To start a Django project you need to run a specific line of code and another line of code to start the individual apps. When you create the initial project, Django gives you a preset folder titled settings.py. This file comes with everything built-in and doesn’t require any major changes for a simple Django project. This file contains things such as, the time zone in which your project is being displayed and it also contains every additional application that you create.

Tyler Holland

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